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Things to carry for an exam


With various major exams coming up in Maharashtra, India, the involuntary pressure and tension of last minute studies can make students nervous and absent-minded. Fret not! We have taken the liberty to make a short list of the things to be carried to the examination centre.img_03

  1. Hall ticket is of utmost importance. A student is not allowed to appear for the exam without it. A photocopy should be taken as soon as one receives the hall ticket and should be kept separately. In this manner, if the original copy is misplaced the photocopy can be used.
  2. Stationery should be carried consciously as per the subject. For e.g., for a math’s exam various materials like scale, divider, compass and set squares are needed. For a science exam colors may be essential. Other than these items, pens and writing pad of permitted color, eraser, sharpener and pencils must be carried.
  3. Water bottle…

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Future Engineers Must Wait In Heat?


The recently released MHT CET 2016 schedule has left the engineering aspirants in a fix. They may have to wait for almost three hours in the bright hot humid sunny afternoon on 5th May 2016. If the State Common Entrance Test Cell fails to oblige and make amends in the schedule, here are some dos and don’ts.


  1. Keep calm! This is of utmost importance. Being frantic and losing focus is of no use. A peaceful mind can solve all problems.
  2. Be hydrated. Carry H2O, juice, glucose water or coconut water.img_04
  3. Empty stomach? Not a good idea. Healthy munchies liked fruits, nuts and salad should be taken along. If you tend to get hungry often, pack a filling yet light meal. Nothing gassy.
  4. Ask your friends to meet you during the long howl. Obviously we are talking about your close BFF’s and not just classmates. Friendly banter can kill time…

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Important MHT CET Chemistry Chapters


Early to bed, early to rise, get on with the entrance revision or pay the price. With every decreasing day towards 5th May 2016, students are desperately looking for question paper ‘importance’. From solving all sets of question papers of the previous years to picking the major chapters, its sure must feel chaotic. But keeping calm is essential and our in-house chemistry experts will help you with that.


Below is an easy infographic that will certainly decrease stress. Take a look.

Cehmistry_Chapters_WeightageAlso, you don’t need to pay extra to learn better. Download Free StudMonk MHT CET Android Application to get your dream score in the entrance exam.

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Note: The chapter weightage are based on the marking system of previous papers and are subject to change.

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Important MHT CET Physics Chapters


Under a month left for the upcoming Maharashtra Health and Technical Common Entrance Test 2016. It’s the time of year when engineering, medical and pharmacy students lookup for important chapters and repetitive questions.

Subject_PhysicsSo, we are here to your rescue. Below is an infographic that states the important physics chapters and their weightage, as observed in previous entrance exam question papers by our in-house experts.

Physics_Chapters_WeightageAlso, you don’t need to pay extra to learn better. Download Free StudMonk MHT CET Android Application to get your dream score in the entrance exam.

For more information: Website OR  Google Play Store

Take a look at StudMonk Flashcards too: iTunes

Note: The chapter weightage are based on the marking system of previous papers and are subject to change.

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Few Days to Exam- What to Do


Just in a couple of weeks, MHT CET, a state level entrance examination that is of utmost importance for engineering, medical and pharmacy aspirants will be conducted across Maharashtra. It is a ticket that will eventually fulfill their professional dreams. But exams can be frightening to a few, so with your hand on your heart say to yourself all is well, all is well.

img_03Below is a helpful guide.

  1. Sleep is essential. Your body and mind must rest enough to handle the tasks of the following day. Having said that, there are a lot of people who are night owls. Nonetheless, enjoy at least seven hours of sleep.
  2. Wake up to a hearty breakfast. Begin your studies with the subject that you may still have doubts with (though you should be all prepped like you could appear for the exam tomorrow). In my honest opinion, you must allot a single…

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Important MHT CET Mathematics Chapters


A lot of us have dreaded one particular subject in school/college, mathematics (I know I did). But students appearing for the MHT CET exam sure have a strong base in the subject. Having said that, our in-house mathematics experts want to help you out by shedding light on some major chapters that must be practiced thoroughly.

Subject_MathematicsPractice is the secret to achieve 200 marks in MHT CET

Below is an infographic that will ease your burden.


Also, you don’t need to pay extra to learn better. Download Free StudMonk MHT CET Android Application to get your dream score in the entrance exam.

For more information: Website OR Google Play Store

Take a look at StudMonk Flashcards too: iTunes

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MHT CET Queries


Whenever we enroll for a new course or competitive exam, there are several questions in mind. Extensive research is necessary and one must clear all doubts in time.

Below are the top five important questions that will come up while enrolling for Maharashtra Common Entrance Test-2016 (MHT CET) exam with answers.

shutterstock_363776279 (1)

Eligibility: Who can appear for the exam?

Answer: Indian Nationals having passed SSC and HSC can appear for the exam. Minimum age of applicant should be 17 years. MHT CET is an undergraduate (UG) state level exam. The minimum percentile criterion for Open category applicants is 50% and 45% for SC/ST/OBC applicants.

Apply: How do I apply for the exam?

Answer: Applicants can directly apply through their school/college.The application forms will be made available in March, 2016. (The official website should be checked for the same)

Exam date: When will the exam be conducted?

Answer: The exam will be conducted…

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Important MHT CET chapters


While studying for exams we always think: which are the most important chapters? Don’t we? After all, there is no harm in studying smart. It must be understood that for competitive exams it is essential to study as per the significance of each chapter in terms of marks.

img_03So, here I am to your rescue with five most important chapters in each subject for the upcoming state level MHT CET exam. To begin with remember to keep a calm mind.


  1. Biotechnology: Process and Application
  2. Control and Coordination
  3. Genetic Basis of Inheritance
  4. Genetic Engineering and Genomics
  5. Microbes in Human Welfare


  1. Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers
  2. Chemical Thermodynamics and Energetics
  3. Coordination Compounds
  4. d and f Block Elements
  5. p-Block Elements – Group 15 To 18


  1. Differentiation
  2. Integration
  3. Probability Distribution
  4. Three Dimensional Geometry
  5. Trigonometric Functions


  1. Atoms, Molecules and Nuclei
  2. Electrostatics
  3. Kinetic Theory of Gases and Radiation
  4. Oscillations
  5. Rotational Motion

Good luck!

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Exams around? Know what to eat


You are what you eat. Hence, whether it is a classroom test or major examination, a nourishing and hearty diet is essential. This should not be confused with heavy meals which may cause digestive problems and result in lack of concentration while studying or attempting an exam. Humans tend to forget eating right when swamped with work. It is this negative habit that leads to loss of focus, stamina and hence, overall immunity.

Maharashtra, India, will conduct various major exams in the near future like SSC, HSC and MH-CET.  Here is some assistance:

  1. Plenty of hydration in the form of water, fruit juice and vegetable juice is an excellent idea. Adults must drink at least 8-10 glasses of water. Soups are great too, as they fill up your tummy. A couple of cups of coffee for night owls are helpful, but any more than that can cause dehydration and dizziness…

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