Temperature, everybody is aware of this word, probably due to global warming. We also know Celsius (C) and Fahrenheit (F). But do we know how these terms derived their respective names? Maybe not. Let’s learn a little about famous physicist Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit, given the fact that today, 24th May 2016, is his birth anniversary.


Trivia about Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit:

  1. Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit was the inventor of the world’s first precise thermometer with the use of mercury (1714), the Fahrenheit scale (1724) and alcohol thermometer (1709).
  2. Other than a physicist, he was also an engineer and a glass blower. He was born on 24th May 1686 in Danzig, (now Gdańsk)Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (now Poland), to a wealthy merchant family and had four siblings.
  3. He lived in Dutch Republic (now Netherlands) for most of his life. His family can be traced back to have lived in multiple hanseatic cities, with his great-grandfather having lived in Rostock, Germany.
  4. Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit’s father, Daniel Fahrenheit married Concordia Schumann, daughter of a wealthy businessman from Danzig, (now Gdańsk).

    Happy Birthday Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit
    Happy Birthday Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit
  5. After his parents died on 14th August 1701 due to food poisoning, he began working as a merchant trainee in Amsterdam. Soon, he realized his inclination towards science and began his studies in the same.
  6. Came year 1717, he travelled far and wide and met many renowned personalities in his field of interest. It was in the same year that he chose to settle down in The Hague, Netherlands.
  7. The Fahrenheit scale is still used in United States and a few Caribbean countries.
  8. Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit died on 16 September 1736(aged 50) in The Hague, 
  9. The use of Fahrenheit is replaced by Celsius in most countries around the world. His legacy of understanding temperature still lives on.
  10. Major notes on Fahrenheit scale: Freezing Point- 32°F                                                                                                        Body Temperature- 96°F

                                                               Boiling Point- 212°F

How would we ever calculate body temperature at home or at the doctors’?

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