The recently released MHT CET 2016 schedule has left the engineering aspirants in a fix. They may have to wait for almost three hours in the bright hot humid sunny afternoon on 5th May 2016. If the State Common Entrance Test Cell fails to oblige and make amends in the schedule, here are some dos and don’ts.


  1. Keep calm! This is of utmost importance. Being frantic and losing focus is of no use. A peaceful mind can solve all problems.
  2. Be hydrated. Carry H2O, juice, glucose water or coconut water.img_04
  3. Empty stomach? Not a good idea. Healthy munchies liked fruits, nuts and salad should be taken along. If you tend to get hungry often, pack a filling yet light meal. Nothing gassy.
  4. Ask your friends to meet you during the long howl. Obviously we are talking about your close BFF’s and not just classmates. Friendly banter can kill time…

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