You are what you eat. Hence, whether it is a classroom test or major examination, a nourishing and hearty diet is essential. This should not be confused with heavy meals which may cause digestive problems and result in lack of concentration while studying or attempting an exam. Humans tend to forget eating right when swamped with work. It is this negative habit that leads to loss of focus, stamina and hence, overall immunity.

Maharashtra, India, will conduct various major exams in the near future like SSC, HSC and MH-CET.  Here is some assistance:

  1. Plenty of hydration in the form of water, fruit juice and vegetable juice is an excellent idea. Adults must drink at least 8-10 glasses of water. Soups are great too, as they fill up your tummy. A couple of cups of coffee for night owls are helpful, but any more than that can cause dehydration and dizziness…

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