Just in a couple of weeks, MHT CET, a state level entrance examination that is of utmost importance for engineering, medical and pharmacy aspirants will be conducted across Maharashtra. It is a ticket that will eventually fulfill their professional dreams. But exams can be frightening to a few, so with your hand on your heart say to yourself all is well, all is well.


Below is a helpful guide.

  1. Sleep is essential. Your body and mind must rest enough to handle the tasks of the following day. Having said that, there are a lot of people who are night owls. Nonetheless, enjoy at least seven hours of sleep.
  2. Wake up to a hearty breakfast. Begin your studies with the subject that you may still have doubts with (though you should be all prepped like you could appear for the exam tomorrow). In my honest opinion, you must allot a single day to adhere to your queries.
  3. Once your doubts are solved, learn them well and move ahead to the next day. Start by paying attention to chapters which carry high weightage in the previous question papers. (Chemistry, Mathematics and PhysicsIndian 12
  4. Do not forget to give yourself breaks. Perhaps, a stroll in the evening can prove relaxing or even meeting a few friends at the nearby ‘tapri’ for a cup of ‘desi masala chai’. You must not study/revise just one subject per day. For example, after a few hours of revising physics get on with chemistry (unless you are habitual to studying one subject all day). Switching subjects is like a break too.
  5. Solving previous papers is the key to understanding the pattern or the kind of questions that the State Common Entrance Test Cell asks. This will also acquaint you with the repeated questions. We all like important questions, don’t we? Remember how in school we begged teachers to give a few important questions? Ooh the memories.
  6. A number of reputed publications have MCQ books with solved answers. Now that exam is just a few days away, get these and solving them is more than enough as revision. After all, practise is key to completing your paper in time.

In order to make a study plan, you must be honest with yourself and ask where you stand with respect to ‘padhai’. Accordingly you must personalize it and enjoy studying. MHT CET may be an important exam, but it is just an exam.

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