We all visit a dentist someday or the other. Kids especially, painful braces procedure! But there is a lot of lingering on one question; do I really have to go to a dentist? It’s just a cavity, I’ll stop eating or drinking cold stuff, it’s really not that big a deal. Why do we dread them? Because they use the most annoyingly screechy tools to fix our teeth.

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Anyway, bottom line is that dentists are important and much needed people in society. After all, dental hygiene is essential for one and all. So, we met with Dr. Ashitesh Kumar, MDS Orthodontics, KVG Dental College, Sullia, and asked him a few questions about his degree and blooming career.

Buckle up and read on if you too wish to pursue a career is dentistry (or simply learn a little more about it).

  1. What is your take on dentistry? (Definition)

Answer: Dentistry is a branch of medicine that is involved in the study, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases, disorders and conditions of the oral cavity.

  1. This year MHT CET is for medical, engineering and pharmacy aspirants. What are your views?

Answer: It’s a good decision by the state government. Aspirants of all three streams can give the same exam on the same day.

  1. What kinds of job opportunities are available after scoring a degree in dentistry?

Answer: The field of dentistry offers various career options at educational institute’s (as in teaching jobs), private and government hospitals or can set up their own dental clinic.

  1. Why is orthodontics a specialized field?

Answer: Orthodontics is a specialized field as it deals with jaw alignment and positioning of the teeth. Different methods and oral appliances are used to straighten and realign crooked or misaligned teeth with the help with braces, retainers and other devices. To master these techniques and appliances takes time, patience and skills which can only be practiced by a specialized dentist trained in the field of orthodontics.

  1. Two adjectives for orthodontics…

Answer: Esthetics and pain.

  1. What skill set should an orthodontist possess?

Answer: Patience, active listening, critical thinking, time management and complex problem solving.

  1. Where is the field graph of your specialization headed in the market?

Answer: With the recent advances in this field, increased public awareness and the trend towards dental esthetics it is definitely in the upward direction.

  1. If a dentist or orthodontist wants to open a clinic, for how many years should they practice under a senior to gain experience?

Answer: A minimum of 2 years for a dentist and MDS can go ahead and open a dental clinic because he/she has already spent 3 years treating exclusively with such cases during their post graduate program.

  1. What did you personally learn/like about dentistry?

Answer: A flexible lifestyle, being your own boss and making a real contribution to the health of your patients.

  1. Any advice for our readers?

Answer: Strengthen your basics with thorough reading of text books and solve as many MCQ’s as possible to increase your speed, as time management is very important during the exam.

Hope your thirst to candidly learn more about dentistry is quenched. If you have any questions for Dr. Ashitesh, do ask.

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