Oxford dictionary defines electronic engineering as a discipline concerned with the practical use of electronics and with the design and use of electronic devices. Wikipedia defines telecommunication engineering as a discipline that brings together all electrical engineering disciplines including computer engineering with systems engineering to enhance telecommunication systems.

Wow! That’s sounds like some real important work; after all electronic devices are used by every person on this beautiful planet in some or the other way. But I did not understand a word of it. So, if you are thinking about contributing to this field, make sure all your doubts are cleared.

We met with VikasThawani, Team Leader- Analysis at Nepa Global. He is enjoying a fulfilling career after specializing in Telecommunication and Electronic Engineering (let’s call it TEE). We asked him some questions that will most certainly help you understand the nuances of this particular field.

Here you go.

  1. What is your take on your field of education?

Answer: Engineering not just helps you to learn the technical aspects of different fields but also helps to develop a logical mindset which can be used in any field of work.

  1. Why is there a joint specialization of telecommunication and electronic engineering?

Answer: Understanding the electronics hardware and tools is very important to acquire a deep understanding and clarity of the telecommunication field. Having a joint specialization makes complete sense since both the industries go hand in hand.

  1. This year MHT CET is for medical, engineering and pharmacy aspirants. What are your views?

Answer: While it’s important to judge students before they do a specialization I feel MHT CET is more about how fast you can answer rather than how much you understand. A student might have a very good understanding of the basics but due to lack of speed would miss out on a good opportunity. These exams need to be focussing more on how to evaluate the understanding of the student in the various subjects.

  1. What kinds of job opportunities are available after scoring this degree?

Answer: Job opportunities are available not just in the core fields of the IT industry, but across all different sectors. An engineering fresher is highly valued even if it’s not a technical job due to their logical mindset, hard-working nature and ability to work under pressure.

  1. Which are the top hiring companies?

Answer: The top hiring companies over the years are Accenture, Capgemini, L&T Infotech and other big IT firms. Even the e-commerce companies like Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal hire a lot of engineers.

  1. Where is the field graph of your specialization headed in the market?

Answer: While telecommunication was a booming industry sometime ago there are not many core jobs in India. So, while a telecom engineer is valued in the market, overall core skills for the specific industry show a downward trend due to lack of lucrative jobs in the telecom industry.

  1. What skill set should a TEE possess?

Answer: Ability to go deep in all the technical concepts, good understanding of different languages and tools related to networking, programming, and willingness to work on a lot of different machines and concepts.

  1. How come you ended up doing what you are doing?

Answer: I realized my inclination towards management and marketing during college events and decided to work there rather than pursue a career in the technical field.

  1. What did you personally learn/like about TEE?

Answer: Understanding of the communication systems, learning basics of various tools like MATLAB, Mathematica. Developing a logical mindset.

  1. Any advice for our readers?

Answer: While engineering is one of the best degrees to have, do a thorough research and understand your interest before getting into it. You might realize your inclination towards some other field during the course of time but don’t hesitate to move on like I did. Engineering is not just learning the technical stuff but developing a logical mindset and learning various life lessons which will help you throughout your life.

We hope the answers were easy-peasy to understand. If you have any more questions for Vicky, feel free to ask them. They will be answered.

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