History repeats itself. This year too, Central Board of Secondary Education has received major criticism on the recently conducted 12th grade mathematics examination, dated 14th March 2016, Monday. Students and parents have tagged the exam as ‘very difficult, lengthy and out of syllabus’, with immense emphasis on ‘very’ and ‘out of syllabus’.


The paper which began at 10.30 am, shocked students and immediately send them in a panic mode. Panic in itself is an enemy which leads to lack of concentration and ability to think correctly. Some students complained that simple one mark questions which take the least time to solve, took an eternity. The marking scheme was also not followed by the board while setting the paper, leaving the students in a fix. They were unable to complete the paper in allotted three hours and opined that at least an extra hour was needed. The syllabus is referred from NCERT books, but question were asked from various books. Parents and students have stated that the exam was at par of IIT examinations.

As for the remedies, examinees and their families are demanding retest and marks moderation. If a retest takes place, they believe it would be fare for all pupils in terms of marks. Whereas, if marks moderation is favored by the board, pupils will be saved from reappearing for the exam and the evaluation will be done leniently.


At the end of the day, it remains to see what the CBSE board decides to do.

Though, here is a little food for thought: Doesn’t education tell us to learn from our mistakes (considering we are humans) and not repeat them??

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