A teacher is a person who teaches. It takes patience, love, trust and tons of hard work. If it was easy, anybody could do it. Also, teaching has to have quality.


The ever increasing population is the main reason why the India educational system is lacking quality. A classroom of 75 plus students is taught by a negligible number of teachers. The teachers teach or even worse, simply recite the textbook. As harsh as this fact is, it is the truth.

Parents do get concerned when they see an unimpressive report card, but what next? Get a tutor? Probably, but think about it, your child is anyways spending multiple hours in school or college, plus homework/projects are taxing too. If a tutor is hired or tuition classes are joined, there will be more homework. Where is the time to wind down, play and breathe?

The reason to have received a lesser grade can be due to two reasons: ineffective teaching and/or special attention needed in particular subject/s. When there are fewer students in class, by default, the teacher will identify the needs of every student. This makes it easier for them to use various teaching tactics. After all, nobody likes repetitiveness.


When there is a demand in the market for a product, supply is needed. On similar lines, teachers and students must together demand for a reviving change. The respective bodies will have to supply. You may think it’s easy to say so, but damn hard to execute. Agreed! But wait a second, don’t teachers ask their pupils to at least try?

Use technology to spread the word of this necessary revolution. God Speed!

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