Whoever has seen the Cameron Diaz starrer, ‘Bad Teacher’, would understand the importance of technology and teaching. Well, it may not be a great example, but it is an example nonetheless. Her character may have exploited audiovisual mediums, but young minds are obsessed with technology, might as well make use of this while in a classroom to gauge their attention. It is high time that learning is made fun at all levels of education.

A much needed revolution is awaited in the Indian educational system. And don’t you teachers want to be in the student favorite list, just like they want to be in your good books? Yes, yes, you do! We all like praises.img_24


  1. Audiovisuals are impeccable. Teachers can pick chapters which can be taught via this aid. Clips, colorful images and clear steady audio can be easily grasped, especially by younger students.
  2. Google Drive can be used to share notes in all forms and real time changes can be made in these documents. It is a good way to keep things organized too. Every class can have its own drive monitored by the teacher. Lectures can be recorded so that both students and teachers themselves can refer to the same in future.
  3. PowerPoint presentations can prove useful and give the students a taste of work environment, with respect to commonly used tools by professionals.
  4. Social media platforms are superb for communication. Majority of student are on the virtual world. Teachers you can give it a try!
  5. Online portfolios can be created by student and teachers can evaluate the projects. In this manner, students can see their work progress and be proud.


Remember teachers, in this fast growing world, where there is no going back in terms of technology, it only makes sense to use it in a classroom. Your pupils like it and trust me, the very moment you break the news of using such methods, they will be more than happy to study and interact with you!

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