At times, parents decide to hire a tutor for extra educational attention for their child. Primarily the reasons are: lack of individual attention, certain subject needs more hard work or the child is simply inattentive in school/college. But, some tutors demand to accommodate at least one more kid for monetary reasons or traveling all the way and teaching just one student makes less sense.


In India, classrooms are overcrowded and it is obvious that a teacher cannot pay attention to all 70 plus pupils. With such a trend, most students opt for coaching classes, tuition classes or private tutors. In individual tutoring, the teacher can pay 100% attention on the student and understand how he/she can be taught better. In a class with multiple students, a teacher will certainly find it difficult to chalk out the needs of each child.

Though, group learning can be fun. Who doesn’t want to study with friends? It is also convenient to amicably adjust schedules with friends. A comfort factor also adds up and there is no problem in asking repetitive questions to the tutor. Children shy away to ask their queries in the open, resulting in unsolved doubts and low self-esteem. It must be realized that there is nothing wrong in clearing one’s doubts until the solution is understood well.


Deciding whether to opt for individual or group tutoring is a personal choice. However, make sure you know your problem areas. It is easier you judge teachers for not teaching well. Understanding your own drawbacks and being vocal about it to parents and teachers in essential.

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