So, you have decided to choose engineering as a career option, but are confused with the available specializations. Simply ask what, where, why and who.

What do you want to learn? Where is the field graph of your specialization headed in the market? Why will there be a need for an engineer of your specialization in the next five years? Who/which are the top hiring companies? This should help you zero down to the specialization that suits you.

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Below are few engineering branches

  1. Acoustic: The Noisettes
  2. Aeronautical: The Space Drifters
  3. Agriculture: The Land Rovers
  4. Chemical: The Omnipresent
  5. Civil: The Dwellers
  6. Computer: The Algorithm Makers
  7. Electrical: The Current Bearers
  8. Electronics: The Equips
  9. Environmental: The Nature Addicts
  10. Instrumentation: The Measurers
  11. Marine: The Shippers
  12. Mechanical: The Mechanics
  13. Mining:The Pitters
  14. Petroleum Engineering:The Inflammables
  15. Textile Engineering: The Fabricators


Extensive research is needed, in order to figure out the correct area as per passion.

Remember, passion drives a person to great heights of success.

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