Young blood of the 21st century is smitten and obsessed with technology. They use it in all ways possible, social networking being on the top of the list. Research suggests that even toddlers are tech lovers. The most technologically challenged people too, find it mandatory to use the same in day-to-day life.  Face it, don’t you like it when you ask a question to Siri and there, in a matter of seconds you have an answer.

Here are the top advantages of the connector of the planet- TECHNOLOGY.

Entertainment is one of the most superior plus point of technology. Every student today uses either an android or iOS cell phone. Some even use both. Such phones have multiple application options and are used on the go. Movies, TV-series, plays and documentaries can be viewed on the click of a button.

Gaming, a favorite pastime habit, especially among boys, can be easily practiced on cell phone, laptop or personal computer. Xbox is Microsoft’s epic creation and gift to the world. Want to play, but friends are busy? Fret not! Connect with anyone around the world and its Game On! Aren’t you thanking technology already?                                                                img_09

Working without technical blessing is dreadful. Connecting with colleagues who may be abroad can only be done via the grace of the Technology God. If you did not have computers or phones, how would you work? It makes you uneasy and uncomfortable to even think about it, doesn’t it? Software’s and applications are what guide us to the heights of success.

Studying has become somewhat facile due to technology. I say somewhat because, you do have to learn and memorize yourself. Unless, a humanoid can appear for an exam in your place. Enter a word on any search engine and every detail of the word appears on the screen. Making projects is easier than ever, not just for subject matter, but is great for images too.


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