With various major exams coming up in Maharashtra, India, the involuntary pressure and tension of last minute studies can make students nervous and absent-minded. Fret not! We have taken the liberty to make a short list of the things to be carried to the examination centre.img_03

  1. Hall ticket is of utmost importance. A student is not allowed to appear for the exam without it. A photocopy should be taken as soon as one receives the hall ticket and should be kept separately. In this manner, if the original copy is misplaced the photocopy can be used.
  2. Stationery should be carried consciously as per the subject. For e.g., for a math’s exam various materials like scale, divider, compass and set squares are needed. For a science exam colors may be essential. Other than these items, pens and writing pad of permitted color, eraser, sharpener and pencils must be carried.
  3. Water bottle is necessary in order to keep you hydrated. Schools and colleges can face power cuts; in such a situation sipping some H2O is requisite. Being hydrated is essential of the body and mind. Juice or any other rejuvenating drinks should be taken along.                                                                                                                                                                                               img_01
  4. Tissues and handkerchief can prove useful when the power goes off. Poor ventilation can cause perspiration. This may lead to irritation and the said necessities can prove comforting.
  5. Sugary goodness for students who feel nauseous and fatigued due to overnight studying can come in handy. Some kids can experience low blood sugar due to stress. Sweet eatables can instantly make one feel better and instantly lift sugar levels. Fresh fruits are a good option too.

Good luck and farewell with flying colors.

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