Like the agonies of exams aren’t enough, our folks can add to the pressure by 100. Don’t you agree students? Maharashtra, India, will conduct MHT CET exams on 5th May 2016 for medical, engineering and pharmacy aspirants. Don’t forget to download the upcoming StudMonk MHT CET App, easiest way to prepare for the exam.

So, parents, here is a guide that you must abide by when your beloved child has an exam.

  1. Mom knows best. Sure thing. But think again, it is your baby appearing for an exam, not you. He/she knows best how to schedule the study pattern. Don’t fall prey to the temptation of standing on your kids head and commanding orders of studying better.  img_08
  2. Don’t keep barging into their room to check on them. Don’t knock on their doors occasionally to imply that- I know you are not studying. And what exactly is it with parents who peek-a-boo from the slightest space between the door? Every parent is guilty of this, aren’t you? The turmoil of the examination will make the most cavalier child sit in one place and study. If not, there are several ‘amicable’ ways of doing so. Go figure!
  3. Research suggests that parents who are friendly with their children tend to do better in life in all aspects. Be a friend, offer help when they need it during an exam. Don’t force them to revise the answers with you. It will only make them nervous. Remember, if he/she wants help, they will always turn to you. Family comes first!
  4. Don’t push them to eat heavy meals, thinking that a full tummy will help them study better. The goal is hydration and healthy nourishing fulfilling food, not a meal that is taxing on the digestive system.
  5. Taking away their cell phone, blocking internet, Xbox and cable services will only agitate them. Face it, your kid is not going to study 24/7. Make your peace with it. They need to catch their breath with a little break. So do you, if you have any intentions of getting touchy with their gadgets. Don’t go near them. Maybe a little threatening is oaky.

Your child is learning several mind-boggling twisty answers for the exam.


The real questions are- what have you learned from this article? Will you be the ideal parent during an exam and get an A grade?

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