Students are burdened with oodles of pressure, both mental and physical. Young students may have their playtime, but that is not enough. They carry a heavy school bag that strains their back and has long-lasting effects. Learners of all age-groups must indulge in stress breaking exercises which provide relaxation, rejuvenation and therefore, gumption to work harder.

  1. Old school physical training (PT) exercises are most suitable for all students alike. They increase flexibility and warm up the body.
  2. Skipping is an excellent way of beating stress and losing weight too. Win-win.
  3. Acrobatics like basic somersaults on the floor, nothing fancy, are good for bones and releases tension from the muscles. It also flushes blood to the brain in its unique movement process.
  4. Yoga in the form of ‘surya namaskar’, ‘ananda balasana’, ‘baddha konasana’ and ‘vriksasana’ is energizing and peaceful at the same time. As per mythology, yoga ‘asanas’ were practiced by saints in order to achieve ultimate peace and fitness.img_07
  5. Those who do not have an interest in above mentioned exercises can take to dancing, fitness boot camps or zumba. These forms are appreciated by people who like constant change in their exercise pattern. These are particularly helpful in losing weight. Indian classical dancing is also a good choice as it imbibes discipline, increases stamina, focus and delivers tranquility.          img_06
  6. Swimming is a multi-faceted option. Weight loss, stress release, energy and suppleness, all in one.

For lazy couch potatoes, exercising with family and friends gives motivation to get out of bed and work out each day. If exercising all together is not your cup of tea, go for a walk, jog or ride a bicycle. Think of this not as a task but, as fun time for your mind, body and soul. According to research, exercising helps to better memory and sleep, along with elimination of stress and negativity.

So, what are you waiting for? Make up your mind, get set and go.

Don’t forget that journey of a thousand miles begins with the very first step.

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